Proudly Canadian! 

Hamster ?

Yes, we agree that Hamster is a new Brand in the office supply industry, but the people behind the Brand are not unknown;  Hamster is a trademark of Novexco Inc., the largest Canadian-owned office supply distributor. Hamster, formerly both BuroPLUS, and Novexco's Commercial Division. Ah! Now you know.

In fact, Hamster is represented by nearly 110 stores in Eastern Canada, a Commercial Division present across Canada, and a website for Canadian Consumers. Not bad.

All of this is served by 6 Distribution Centres in Dartmouth NS, Longueuil QC, Laval QC, Brampton ON, Calgary AB and Vancouver B-C. Hamster employs nearly 500 people in its Laval Headquarters and Distribution Centers, and if we count the Staff of all our stores, well, we are close to 6,000 people.

We sell many, many products

Hamster has access to nearly 500,000 products through its network of Suppliers; about 19,000 popular products are stocked in our Distribution Centres, and are quickly available. (These are the ones you will also find on our website.) 

Hamster also has a dedicated Team to find Special Order and promotional items for you, aside from the regular products that you value.
Hamster covers all categories of products that are suitable for workplaces, not just offices.
  • Breakroom, health and safety, cleaning and maintenance
  • Technology, office machines and printing supplies
  • Paper
  • Office supplies and writing
  • Handling and mailroom
  • Arts & Crafts, Leisure and Creativity
  • Furniture
Click on, to browse our online catalogue (our true catalogue) to see what we sell.

We love our customers

That's what makes a real difference; Our Hamster Customer Service Agents take care of all of your questions, concerns and requests for information, from start to finish. We do not stop until we find a solution.

We’re available by phone, fax, e-mail and chat (Business customers only, for now). Do not hesitate. Here's how to reach us: 

Commercial Customers
1 877 597-3261

Desjardins Customer Service
1 888 978-0332  

Hamster Dealer Customer
Contact the dealer directly
Find your dealer

See life in shades of green

It’s nice to think about the environment, but you have to act on it. Much more than resolutions that are spread over pages and pages (ironic, no?). We prefer solid actions; the ones we perform every day as a distributor:

  • 50 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions were reduced in 2021, thanks to the use of Hamster Carbon Neutral paper.
  • 3798 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions were reduced in 2021, thanks to the use of Offix100 and Offix50 paper.
  • Printing our publications on paper with recognized environmental certifications (FSC®, PEFC).
  • Received FSC® certification for paper in our Laval warehouse.
  • Adoption of green practices such as recycling and reusing boxes, recovering empty ink cartridges and batteries.
  • Internal use of damaged/unsaleable paper boxes.
  • Set up collection boxes for batteries, cartridges, and some electronic devices in several Hamster stores.
  • We have created a green committee to monitor our current practices, identify new opportunities and make actionable recommendations.
  • Energy-efficient LED bulbs have replaced neon bulbs in our Halifax, Calgary, Brampton, and Laval warehouses.
  • Use of only electric-powered handling equipment (forklifts and motorized pallet trucks) in our warehouses.
  • Six warehouses across Canada allows us to optimize our deliveries. Additionally, we encourage direct shipments between dealers and manufacturers. This helps avoid unnecessary transport stops, and minimizes miles, resulting in less fuel consumption, fewer emissions, and a reduced environmental impact.
  • We regularly review contracts and green commitments from vendors and have worked with manufacturers to reduce the amount of packaging used.
  • Dedicated a section to our sustainability efforts on our website.
  • We were the first in the industry to distribute our catalogue to the 2 years to reduce our footprint.
  • Use of electronic invoicing.
  • Charging the Environmental Handling fee (rate per province) on our electronic products.
  • Mention of green products on our website and in our catalogue.

From words to action

Writing a cheque to a charitable organization is good, but touching the affected people directly is even better; At Hamster, we are proud to support two organizations that help improve people’s quality of life.


Cartridge Recovery Program

When it comes to making a big impact, small steps can make the difference! And it is simple! Imagine you are printing and when the cartridge is empty, MIRA will come to pick it up and recycle it. Pretty simple, isn't it? This small gesture allows MIRA to train guide dogs for blind or disabled people and for children suffering from autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

It is no wonder that in our first year alone, the joint contribution of Hamster and our great clients across Canada allowed us to recover 450,000 empty ink cartridges, which corresponds to 45 additional dogs for the Foundation. Isn't that great?

For more details and to register? Click here:


Before the beginning of every school year, we prepare more than 2,000 packages of various school supplies, which families in need can pick up from their nearest Hamster store. This is our way of supporting the Maman Dion Foundation, whose mission is to provide children from disadvantaged backgrounds with the school materials, glasses and clothing they need to start the school year, to give them an equal chance to succeed and a sense of pride, and self-confidence. 

And judging by the smiles of the children, we can say, “mission accomplished”!

Aim for the best of the best

Hamster is one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies.

Allow us to brag, just a little. Since 2018, Hamster has been part of the Platinum Club on this prestigious list, highlighting the excellence of privately owned Canadian companies. Before that, Hamster had been in the Gold category since 2012.

This achievement is primarily the result of strategic planning focused on growth and continuous improvement. It is also the result of the work and excellence of our partners, dealers, suppliers and employees. 

So thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

Speaking of ingenuity: Here are our private brands

We offer you a total of 8 private labels, which represents a total of nearly 2,000 additional products. Offering you variety is important because we want to be sure to offer you products that meet your needs and respect your values!

Business source: Essentials for everyday office products including staplers, labels and tape, note pads, envelopes, filing supplies, laminators, report covers and more.

Lorell : Where style and functionality meet: quality office furniture (cabinets, desks, mobile carts, mats) and other accessories.

Compuccessory : Stay connected at all times: USB drives, external hard drives, cables, mouse pads and more.

Nature saver : A brand focusing on eco-friendly products: notebooks, file folders, trash bags and more.

Genuine Joe : Maintain a clean workspace: air fresheners, all-purpose cleaners, restroom supplies, cleaning equipment, paper products, PPE and more.

Integra : The essentials for taking notes: pens, pencils, markers, and correction tape. 

Offix : Workplace essentials: Our house brand offers you quality products at the best price. To view the full line of Offix products, visit

Sparco : Practical office solutions: binding covers, sheet protectors, stamps, tape dispensers and more.